MATT JEROME – Zoning Administrator
Phone: 231-534-4284

CODY STRICKER – Township Planner
Phone: 231-534-4285

8870 North Long Lake Rd.
Traverse City, MI 49685


For construction of single family homes, fences, decks, outbuildings, and similar structures, a Land Use Permit is required. Land Use Permits certify that you meet all local zoning rules. This is required prior to commencing any construction. The County Construction Code office requires that the Land Use Permit be issued prior to their issuing a building permit. The application form and information sheets can be found at the right side of this page.

Some construction projects require submittal of a site report prepared by a licensed surveyor. Look for more information about site reports and a surveyor referral list at right.

To determine whether you need a Land Use Permit and any related questions, contact the Zoning Administrator.


Prior to constructing a new residential development, multiple family buildings, private roads, or commercial buildings, approval of the Site Plan by the Planning Commission may be required. Some projects require Conditional Land Use approval by the Planning Commission – this level of review involves additional standards and a public hearing. See the Planning Commission tab for meeting dates. Re-occupancy of existing buildings or minor changes to commercial sites may qualify for Administrative Site Plan Review.

Application forms can be found at right. For more information, contact the Planner.