JIM SAUNBY – Parks and Maintenance Superintendent (Tuesday – Friday)



ERIC KOLARIK – Parks and Maintenance Assistant (Saturday – Monday)



The duties of the Parks Supervisor are to enforce rules, regulations, and ordinances in the Long Lake Township parks and natural areas.


• Alcoholic Beverages are Not Allowed
• NO PETS (except in the Natural Areas)
• Overnight Camping is Not Allowed
• Business Solicitation is Not Allowed
• No Sale or Use of Drugs
• Beaches do NOT Have Lifeguards:
• Hours: 7:00 am – 11:00 pm

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Entrance: 4281 Cedar Lake Road – 316 Acres

Cedar Run Creek Natural Area is 316 acres of undeveloped property located 9 miles west of Traverse City.  The area includes 1500 feet of pristine shoreline on the northern end of Cedar Lake and 8700 feet of shoreline on both sides of Cedar Run Creek.  There are some designated trails on the property.  The abandoned M&NE Railroad grade runs through a portion of the property.  The land is a mixture of cedar, hemlock, mature hardwood, managed aspen, and planted red pine that provides an excellent habitat for the Wood Turtle and the Red-Shouldered Hawk.  Also, a pair of Common Loon has resided on Cedar lake over the past several years.  A portion of the natural area is in Almira Township, Benzie County.  You can access the property off Tucker Road in Almira Township as well as from Cedar Lake Road.  The property is adjacent to 40 acres of land owned by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment where there is a managed boat launch. A portion of Cedar Run Creek was once owned by the Boy Scouts Scenic Trails Council.

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Entrance: 9912 North Long Lake Road – 2.95 Acres

Gilbert Park is one of our two public beaches.  It has a sunny, sandy beach area and shaded, grassy picnic areas.  In addition to the swimming and picnic areas, Gilbert Park also has two beach volleyball courts that are provided for public use.  Gilbert Park also offers a boat launch and dock outside of the swim area.  The park is located approximately 7 miles from Traverse City.

Gilbert Park was donated to the Township in 1925 by Judge Parm Gilbert and his wife Emma.  The deed was very explicit.

“These premises are hereby dedicated as a public park forever and are at all times be under control of and policed and cared for by the Township Board of said Township – as such public park and are now designated as Gilbert Park”.

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Entrance: 9339 North Long Lake Road – 1.75 Acres

Taylor Park is another popular public beach, offering a place to swim with a natural, beautifully forested setting.  It is located directly across from Long Lake Grocery on North Long Lake Road.  Taylor Park has a beach and swimming area, a volleyball court, a small dock (not for diving), and a naturally shaded picnic area.  Taylor Park is handicap accessible with newly installed mobility mats for lake accessibility.  The park is located approximately 6.5 miles from Traverse City.

Taylor Park was dedicated to Kenneth G. Taylor in 1980.  Ken Taylor’s insight and enthusiasm led to the successful preservation of South Island for the pleasure of future generations.

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The 1.54-acre island is owned by the Oleson Foundation.  A conservation easement allows the islands to be open to the public for day use only.  Overnight camping, campfires, and pets are prohibited.


The 25.7-acre island is owned by the Oleson Foundation.  A conservation easement allows the islands to be open to the public for day use only.  Overnight camping, campfires, and pets are prohibited.


The 9.5-acre island is owned by the Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy.  A conservation easement allows the islands to be open to the public for day use only.  There are no developed trails.  Overnight camping and campfires are prohibited.


The 15.79-acre island is owned by the Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy.  A conservation easement allows the islands to be open to the public for day use only.  There are developed trails for your enjoyment.  Overnight camping and campfires are prohibited.


The island is approximately 1/2 acre and is privately owned.  No public access.

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Entrance: 6800 North Long Lake Road – 175 Acres

Twin Lakes Park is owned by Charter Township of Long Lake.  The park is located 4.5 miles west of Traverse City on North Twin Lake.  Twin Lakes Park is made available on a continual basis for the general public while at the same time utilizing portions of the property for private functions.  The Lodge and the Dormitory can be rented.  The park has been recently updated to include a universally accessible pavilion and playground equipment.  Water access has also been upgraded to universal accessibility.  For more information call Parks and Recreation of Charter Township of Long Lake  ~ at 231-946-2249

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Entrance: 9735 Edgewood Avenue – 26.84 Acres

Bullhead Lake Natural Area is a real gem of undeveloped property located approximately 7.5 miles from Traverse City.  It has 1100 feet of frontage on Bullhead Lake and is the home to many frogs, fish, birds, and other wildlife that depend on wetlands and the forest.  This natural area is a great educational spot where many elementary school children have taken field trips.  Existing trails are available for hiking.

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In addition to the boat launch located at Gilbert Park, which is a high-traffic area, our township offers a second launch site located at the end of Crescent Shores Road, off West Long Lake Road.  The site is approximately 8.5 miles from Traverse City.  A parking area and restroom are available at the launch.

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Entrance: 1235 Fisher Road – 33.26 Acres

Fisher’s Run is a 1.1-mile trail located approximately 10 miles from Traverse City.  It is a perfect setting for a walk in the woods on the designated trail or a place to sit on a bench and enjoy nature.  This trail can also be used for cross-country skiing and mountain biking.

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Entrance: 8870 North Long Lake Road – 11.35 Acres

Haywood Park is approximately 6 miles from Traverse City and is combined with our Township Offices.  Haywood Park offers outdoor basketball and tennis courts, an official bocce ball court, a 1/3 mile running /walking track, a pickleball court, two picnic pavilions, and playground equipment.  The park also has three baseball diamonds and two soccer fields available for reservation by calling 231-946-2249.  On the east side of the park, off Manhattan East, a new 43-space parking area has been constructed to access the corner picnic grounds as well as the new walking path to the main activity center.  The parking area north of the playing fields has been reconstructed to accommodate 47 cars and a separate asphalt walking path has been built for added safety and convenience in our park.  Three separate parking areas are available at this park.

Haywood Park was dedicated to Maurice E. Haywood in 1983.  The playing fields at this park were provided for the continuing enrichment of the Long Lake Community, Friends, and Neighbors.

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Entrance: 560 N. South Long Lake Road – 228.99 Acres

In 2006 the township had the opportunity to purchase 108 acres of undeveloped land that adjoined the existing 120-acre natural area that had been acquired from the State of Michigan in 2001.  South Long Lake Natural Area is primarily forested land that includes both upland and wetland habitats.  The property was acquired with the intent to provide passive recreation opportunities and protect natural features.  There is a trailhead with an information station at the South Long Lake Road entrance.  Check the map for designated trail information.

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Entrance: Timbers Trail (Turn south off of N. Long Lake Road) – 250 Acres

Just four miles from Traverse City the Timbers Recreational Area offers a variety of inland lake access, habitat diversity, and recreational opportunities.  The 250-acre property boasts nearly 9,000 feet of water frontage with 2,000 feet on Long Lake.  Fern Lake, which is a 20-acre lake, is totally within the park boundary. Page Lake has 2,400 feet of frontage.  The property has a network of trails throughout.  The history of the property dates back to the early ’30s as a part of the Armour Estate and later for many years was a Girl Scout camp.  The property can support active recreational use while minimizing the impact on its natural features.