Short-Term Rentals in Long Lake Township

Program Overview

Long Lake Township adopted Ordinance #178, Short-Term Rental Ordinance in August of 2019.  The Ordinance requires that anyone advertising for or renting a residence on a short-term basis obtain a certificate issued by the Township.  New requirements and restrictions to the program were adopted in September 2021.  Here’s a link to the current consolidated Short-Term Rental Ordinance, as amended. 

A STR Certificate will:

  • Limit the number of people permitted in a short-term rental depending on the size of the septic system.  There is both an overnight guest capacity and a daytime guest capacity.
  • List the property manager who must be available 24/7 anytime the unit is rented. 
  • Indicate whether boats may be used at the rental
  • Establish rules of conduct for renters and daytime guests, including the observation of quiet hours 10pm - 7am, proper disposal of trash, containment of campfires, and parking only in designated areas


Application for Short-Term Rental Certificates

Use this fillable form to apply.

These items must be included with your completed application form:

  • Floor plan new  This can be hand drawn showing the areas of your home that are part of your rental.  Show bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and wet bars.  Show locations of escape windows and doors, any fire extinguishers, CO detectors, and smoke detectors.
  • Plot (site) plan new
  • Well & Septic Status Report from Grand Traverse County  This is the basis for our determination of the guest capacity for your individual rental.  If you’ve applied in the past, we already have this information on file for you.
  • Current Septic Inspection new  Now, each short-term rental unit must have a current (less than 3 years old) septic inspection performed by one of our approved inspectors on the forms used for the Long Lake Township Time of Transfer Septic Inspection Program.  The report must demonstrate that your system is not in a state of failure or at risk of a failure (conclusion 1, 1P, 2, or 2P).  Just contact one of the approved third-party inspectors to schedule an inspection and they will provide us and you with a copy of their report. There will be a fee to you as set by the individual inspectors.  We might have a current inspection report already on file for you, contact us to find out.  <link to list of approved septic inspectors>
  • Payment of $275

Here are some links to additional information that may be helpful as you complete your application. 

Still have questions?  Contact us at or at (231) 946-2249 during regular township office hours and we would be happy to give you more information, find any documents that we already have on file for your property, take payment over the phone, or answer any further questions.


Complaints?  Call (231) 600-7044

To file a complaint about a short-term rental, call the complaint hotline anytime at (231) 600-7044.  You can also call the office during regular office hours – 8:00 am through 5:30 pm (closed at the noon hour) Tuesdays through Fridays – at (231) 946-2249.

Be prepared to give your name and contact information along with the owner’s name or the address of the short-term rental and a description of the offense.  Your information will not be shared with the owner or manager of a short-term rental, but we may need to get more information from you later.  If you have pictures, video, or other evidence, this is helpful to us as well.

Following a complaint, the property manager will be immediately contacted to resolve the situation.  Violators are subject to tickets, fines, and may possibly lose the ability to conduct a short-term rental.