Long Lake Township Staff

LeslieLeslie Hays 231-946-2249

Administrative Assistant

Email: welcome@longlaketownship.com

Ronda Robinson 231-946-2249

Deputy Clerk

Email: depclerk@longlaketownship.com

Kim Clark 231-946-2249

Deputy Treasurer
Assessing Assistant

Email: assessorassist@longlaketownship.com

Kim Smith 231-946-2249

Planning & Zoning Secretary

Email: planassist@longlaketownship.com

Leslie Sickterman 231-946-2249


Email: planner@longlaketownship.com

lloyd-morrisLloyd Morris

Zoning Administrator

Email: zoning@longlaketownship.com

Angela Friske 231-946-2249


Email: assessor@longlaketownship.com

John BrownJohn Brown  231-947-4096

Station #10 Fire Captain

Email: jbrown@gtfire.org

Jim Saunby 231-946-2249

Parks and Maintenance Superintendent

Email: parks@longlaketownship.com

Shelley Evans 231-946-2249

Senior Director for the Long Lakers

Email: welcome@longlaketownship.com


We look forward to seeing you! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call 231-946-2249.

Email: welcome@longlaketownship.com